How It All Got Started

Years ago, my sister Brenda developed her own BBQ sauce. After church on Sundays, she would serve it with pork chops and chicken. It didn’t take long before the entire family fell in love with the savory flavor of her secret homemade BBQ sauce for which she eventually shared the recipe. Along with those memorable meals on Sundays were my mom’s delicious homemade sides. My mom always said there was a secret ingredient she used in every meal she prepared but would never tell me what exactly it was. One day she finally shared with us what the most secret ingredient was, love. Our family's Sundays always revolved around the four F’s; Faith, Family, Friends and Food, but not necessarily in that order. Here at The Pot Smoker BBQ, we still live by the four F’s and always use that same ole secret ingredient, which is why people love our BBQ.

How About The Name

Eighteen years ago when I started developing the recipe for our BBQ, I was using a Big Green Egg ceramic smoker. When friends would try the BBQ they would fall in love with it. Then they would ask how it was cooked. I would explain to them that the meats were smoked in a ceramic smoker. At the time no one was familiar with ceramic smokers, so I would explain to them that it was almost like two ceramic flower pots sitting on top of each other. Friends would joke around after I explained how the meats were smoked and started referring to it as “Pot Smoked” meat, which in turn made me the “Pot Smoker”. The name stuck with me and years later when I decided to open a BBQ restaurant, that's what came to my mind. There was only one name for the new BBQ restaurant and that was how The Pot Smoker BBQ was born.